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my ongoing meditation on systems, human cognition, and how to best collaborate with teams to delight and empower both.

Rethinking Customer Care Rethinking Customer Care Rethinking Customer Care Rethinking Customer Care Rethinking Customer Care Rethinking Customer Care Rethinking Customer Care Rethinking Customer Care

By ninavizz

On 18, Apr 2011 | In | By ninavizz

Rethinking Customer Care

Primary Tasks: Ethnography, stakeholder interviews, client-site workshops, user research, functionality audits of existing systems, ux strategy, 911 heuristics review, and a little bit of design here and there.

For most of my time spent at Adobe, I was the UX lead on our T-Mobile account. T-Mobile’s commitment to customer service has always been second to none, so it was a real joy getting to work with them on re-building their end-to-end tools for customer service: in stores, at call-centers, and for customers to access directly online. 

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Account Priorities (with the Care segment of their business):

Immediate: To guide [ Acme TelCo ] in how to best put UX to work to optimize their Customer Care services.
Longer Term: Discovery towards the creation of a holistic system for both Customer Care, Sales Personnel, and Order Fulfillment to use; in call centers, [ Acme TelCo ] retail stores, and third-party retail stores; and on either desktop or tablet (or, Kinect) environments; to provide customers with the best possible end to end experience with [ Acme TelCo ].

Target Users:

Customer Care employees at all levels, working in [ Acme TelCo ] owned & operated call centers across the United States. [ Acme TelCo ] retail store clerks, 3rd-party store retail clerks, [ Acme TelCo ] fulfillment centers, and customers working through the [ Acme TelCo ] website. Secondary users identified, and kept in mind for post-launch scaling of a final output.

 Tackled Projects:

· Discovery work around an interactive PDF billing system, for customers w/o desktop internet access (and shockingly, there were many).

· Qualitative research in multiple Care and Retail environments, in addition to traditional HCI usability testing of existing products. Data-centric findings were mostly to inform current-pipeline projects, and Qualitative findings around user processes & rituals were centered around informing and inspiring current and future projects—both for UX and the IT product owners. Provided guidance in demonstrating both approaches, and the value of Qualitative in conjunction with Quantitative research. Provided advisement on when each is most appropriate to facilitate the quickest and most well-informed product solutions, and how to best align product priorities and UX decisions against established business objectives, to ultimately reap the greatest value from IT’s products.

· Worked in partnership with the existing UX team, to help them optimize their own processes and capabilities in building products for Sales and Customer Care teams.

· Worked with the [ Acme TelCo ] IT business to help them learn and understand the value of UX (partially to win our own SOW, and partially to help them learn how to build their own team).

· Comprehending and providing a visual (end output was 90″x40″) map to the entire [ Acme TelCo ] IT ecosystem, as it lives today.

· Kickoff work (research, quick-fixes, and process guidance) with the IT and UX teams, on User Centered updates for the Q1-2011 release of their primary Customer Care product.