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Social Ticketing & Event CRM System

Multi-device, multi-user Potty Training app

Rethinking Customer Care

Special Olympics of Northern California

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BEA Participate!08

Palm Foleo

Ink, paper, dies, and factories; with athletes, divas, scientists, and more.

Public vs. Private

17th February 2014 by ninavizz

A roadtrip where all our favorite characters die, or the fantasy world where an utopian concept of integrity reigns blindly & at all costs?

Ever since Uber launched, it’s been heavily criticized. Mostly by PUCs, govt officials behind the PUCs, and angry cabbies. Career cabbies being put out of work by on-call limo drivers,

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Give More

20th December 2013 by ninavizz

To end 2013, I wrote a post on Medium that highlighted some of my favorite local non-profits, with the ask that folks read & consider funneling their year-end donations to a local organization.

The recent busses debacle has only amped-up tensions in SF rising from class disparities. Let’s do something to minimize them. Please.

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Breaking Brotopia: Part 1

13th February 2013 by ninavizz

Last night I Tweeted an inside-voice thought identifying a panel of Obama For America tech-team folks speaking at PARC, as a “Boys Club”. I quickly found myself whomped upside the head by 3 of the guys involved, Tweeting back that they found my thought to be harsh, uninformed, and unfair. That my Tweet made assumptions about their character as individuals—that had I done my homework, I would feel differently.

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